Automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester

EOLexpertise automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester is used for durability and performance testing of automotive powertrain and transmission components.


Automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester


Automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester overview


The performance of transmission is examined and measured under driving by electric motor or combustion engine. EOLexpertise Automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester can test the transfer case, rear axle, powertrain assembly component and gearbox as well.


Automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester




Transmission efficiency improvement and reliability are the largest challenges on powertrain development. Comparing with existing transmissions, adjustment and optimization of developed transmissions are necessary for efficiency and drivability enhancement. Therefore, the durability and performance of automatic transmission, manual transmission and rear axle transmission should be able to test.

EOLexpertise is glad to launch the Automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester to complete the powertrain optimization. This assists customer from transmission concept layout to dynamometer optimization and validation. All general commercial transmission test cycles are feasible from our flexible test bed construction.

The Automatic transmission test stand is based on three-motor logic. Asynchronous motor is deployed as input motor for driving. Sometimes synchronous permanent magnetic motor will be considered if the space between input shaft and output shaft are limited. Two extra asynchronous motors are implemented as output motors for wheel dynamometers.


Automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester


Basic concept of automatic transmission test stand


A drive motor in the test bench is used to simulate the combustion engine and e-motor and to provide input torque for the tested transmission. Through two identical output dynamometers (Left output dynamometer and right output dynamometer), the loaded torque is provided for the tested transmission as well.

Motor drive system (including power unit and three drive units) connected as an electrically closed loop test system through common DC bus. The input motor runs under motoring state. Two output motors run under generating state. During the test procedures, only a small amount of energy is absorbed from the grid.

Through controlling three motor drive units from test bench main control system, motor operation modes like speed mode, torque mode, engine throttle mode (input motor), road load mode (output motor) and operation parameters (such as speed set value, torque set value) are under control. Three torque and speed sensors and forms a closed loop in order to obtain higher accuracy and response speed control.


Automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester


Transmission gear shift


Transmission gear shift actuator is a linear actuator with two-axis. It acts on transmission shift lever. The integrated clutch actuator acts directly on the transmission clutch pedal. Three linear actuators have the real-time controller for shifting actuation control. Automatic gear shift during operation can be achieved.


Major features and technical specifications of automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester are as follows:


  • Three-axis linear actuators
  • X, Y-axis for the manual transmission gear shift
  • Z-axis for the clutch actuation
  • X, Y-axis using gear shift cable and connecting with manual transmission gear shift rocker shaft.
  • Position feedback value can be read. Signal is given the set value is reached and stable.
  • Real-time acquisition of gear shift displacement and clutch displacement (Sampling frequency 1kHz)
  • Device status information can be read (such as device normal and abnormal states)


Road simulation and vehicle inertia simulation


The real-time controller provides the road simulation capability and vehicle inertia simulation capability. It comes with road, vehicle and driver models and parameters can be set by user. Besides, user can apply their Matlab or Simulink models to compile as system support modules (Need the acceptable input and output interface definitions by the system).

Control mode is provided for setting during automatic process, software interface or through buttons on operator console.


Automatic transmission test stand, transmission tester

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