EOL transmission test rig for NVH performance

EOL transmission test rig for NVH performance


EOLexpertise EOL transmission test rig for NVH performance is used to test simple power take-off units as well as complex modern automatic transmissions, double-clutch transmissions and hybrid transmissions.

EOLexpertise has been making all types of EOL transmission test rig for the past few years. Today, the company has a comprehensive, modular system for producing standard transmission test stands, complemented by ample product and process expertise and by test software that can be operated without any traditional programming knowledge.


EOL transmission test rig for NVH performance


EOLexpertise can offer serial production of standard EOL transmission test rig without compromising on quality. The test stands are adapted from the basic structure to the relevant transmission type in the application engineering phase.

EOLexpertise offers economical and technologically well-considered solutions right from development and then on to pre-series and series testing. This allows, for example, greater maturity at start of production with few changes during series production.

EOLexpertise has developed software to optimize test sequences quickly and flexibly. It can be used on the development test stands, at the pre-series stage and in series production. The modular software, which was developed in-house, breaks testing down into basic functions such as time and interface functions, input and output functions and triggers, which are already grouped into test command sequences.

The test modules can be configured and combined as required, which allows them to be reused for many testing tasks. The test sequences are executed on a National Instruments LabVIEW runtime system. The application is impressively simple to use. Users do not need specialist programming knowledge. They can create new sequences intuitively, using drag-and-drop, and work from any web-enabled end device.


EOL transmission test rig for NVH performance


System overview of EOL transmission test rig


Automatic transmission EOL test and measurement items


  • NVH Test
  • Oil pressure and oil temperature
  • Input and output torque and speed
  • Clutch test under all speed range
  • Gear shift quality and verification
  • Cooler flow
  • Parking pawl
  • Shifting torque and angle
  • Stall test


EOL transmission test rig for NVH performance


Automatic transmission models


  • 4-gear, 5-gear, 6-gear, 8-gear, 10-gear Automatic transmission (AT)
  • Wet and dry Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)


Automatic transmission EOL test bench features


  • Automatic adjustment and engagement of multiple TC and Bell housings
  • Automatic tool changing system
  • Automatic tool probing
  • High reliable NVH analysis
  • High rigidity test stand frame
  • Flexibility to accommodate various axis geometry
  • Turnkey solution including transportation and sub system
  • Complete control and data acquisition package


EOL transmission test rig for NVH performance

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