Motor testing rig, motor endurance test

With motor test bench, EOLexpertise provides professional development support in the optimization of the energy-efficiency of EV e-motor.



Our Strength – motor testing rig, motor endurance test


The complexity of production cars has dramatically increased over the past few years. The requirements of thermal management have also increased – especially in electric and hybrid vehicles. Instead of managing just the basic functions of the vehicle, control algorithms today could be called the heart of state-of-the-art vehicles.

The energy efficiency of such vehicles can only be as good as its control strategies. Thus, one of the most important goals during development is to find the perfect balance between energy consumption and driveability.


Motor testing rig, motor endurance test


EOLexpertise offers high-end engineering in the field of thermal management and has eagerly stepped up to the challenge of developing a visionary development process. EOLexpertise can provide professional development support in order to optimize the energy efficiency of EV or HEV motor through innovatively combining virtual and physical methods to generate a complete picture of the vehicle’s functions.

There is a wide range of problems that need to be solved to guarantee the thermal function of electric and hybrid vehicles. There are also numerous methods of solving this problem, and EOLexpertise motor testing rig, motor endurance test bench uses a variety of virtual and physical approaches to model vehicle physics. These approaches are then combined to act as one in real time.

The center of the testing side is a special test bench on which all components of the electric drivetrain, including the battery, electric motor and power electrics, as well as the cooling jacket of the combustion engine for hybrid and other energy sources, are represented by the actual components or by in-house-developed proxy components, which behave like the real parts on the thermal and fluid side.

Through fully controllable components, any standard or custom driving cycle can be simulated on the motor test bench.


Motor testing rig, motor endurance test

EOL motor testing rig, EOL motor endurance test

System overview of EOL motor testing rig, EOL motor endurance test


The EOL motor testing rig, EOL motor endurance test is the latest development resulting from EOLexpertise’s long history of advanced testing products. This equipment is fine-tuned and tailored especially for running fast test sequences within the end-of-line environment.

EOLexpertise motor EOL motor testing rig, EOL motor endurance test enables new and current customers to capture real-time data and test their motors using methods that are not found in even the most advanced laboratory test systems. The internal tester components and controller from the PC are linked via a network connection for high-speed data transfer. This architecture provides expandability and high electrical noise immunity because of the excellent electrical insulation.


EOL motor testing rig, EOL motor endurance test


Software of EOL motor testing rig, EOL motor endurance test


The real-time software package provides control over the hardware via industrial Ethernet protocol (EtherCat). This interface offers an array of advantages, including:


  • Real-time performance – external events and I-O data can be processed as fast as 25-50µs;
  • High speed – up to 100 distributed servo axes can be updated in just 100µs;
  • Direct access to analog or digital I-O – there is no lower level bus or protocol


EOLexpertise motor EOL test bench software provides an interface and functional background of the test system with positional control of the dynamometer motor, control of test devices, and viewing of test results with a digital oscilloscope in real time. The software is a Windows-based application with a simple user interface for top-level control functions.

Lower-level scripting will also provide a more intricate method for programming, coding, and scripting of test procedures and specific functions. This will provide the functionality to control parameters precisely with timing and specific inputs.


EOL motor testing rig, EOL motor endurance test


Other features


There are multiple standout features that make this EOL motor testing rig, EOL motor endurance test an extremely reliable and unique product. For example:


  1. Soft-start retractable spline system has been developed which assists in protecting against customer product damage.
  2. Product clamping assembly and corresponding automated door system for safety.
  3. Operator safety is a paramount consideration when designing production-testing systems.
  4. Safety time consideration requires a high level of programming in developing the interlocking and closure systems for the production tester.


Motor EOL test bench for vehicle or industrial applications


All of these efforts combine to secure the device under test safely behind guarding systems while running the full series of production evaluation tests, including proprietary EOLexpertise developed end-of-line tests.

EOLexpertise also provides sound and vibration evaluation testing for production test systems. The sound and vibration measuring option comes with a proprietary EOLexpertise signal-processing module that allows variable sampling frequencies and also outputs data suitable for numerous methods of characteristic wave analyses. This solution runs concurrently with the product evaluation of the motor EOL test bench.


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